The Art of Freelancing by Noah Bradley

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I never wanted to be a starving artist. So while I was in art school I spent countless hours studying, researching, and attempting ways to make a living with art. By the time I graduated I was a full-time freelancer. A year later I had paid off nearly $40,000 in student loans and traveled overseas for three months, all from my freelancing income.

In this 5 hour long lecture I share everything I know about freelancing. Learn from my mistakes, make the most of my successes, and maybe be amused by my occasional stupidity.

Start living your dream. I can show you how.



"I have to tell you—I cannot recommend this enough. While it is primarily aimed at the aspiring or student artist, there is actually information that can be of use to artists of many different levels. I found the offering to be clear, concise, and very honest about the “job” of being a freelance artist. There is a ton of information that will help you go from “aspire” to “hired” …or at least, have a better idea of the time, energy, and some ideas on how to get there.

This is NOT a feel good, motivational speech. This is NOT a cheerleading section to make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy about your career choice. This is 5 hours of content that contains some of the most honest appraisals about what it takes to make a career for yourself—it clearly lays out the challenges, and provides ideas for overcoming those hurdles. In my mind, this is priceless information!"

- Jon Schindehette

"In art school, we all “knew” that establishing ourselves as working professionals would be difficult. Our teachers would try to temper our expectations by telling us that, statistically speaking, essentially all of us would fail.

We thought that with hard work and persistence we would be exceptions to the rule, but we received little guidance in how to apply ourselves to the business side of illustration. Noah’s lecture provided a more effective rundown of freelancing basics than four years of art school.

Many of my instructors established themselves so long ago that they could offer little specific advice about getting started in the modern environment. Noah effectively describes both the basic methods and the mindset required to find work, build your brand, and interact with clients and the creative community. It made me reassess the manner in which I presented my work and myself.

So buy the video."

- Aldo Katayanagi



How do I break into the industry?

How much should I charge?

What should I put in my portfolio?

Am I too old to start?

How do I deal with bad clients?

Do I need a contract?

Should I work for free?

How do I know if I'm ready?

What if my client doesn't pay?

How do I start networking?

Should I go to art school?

...and many more.

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Art of Freelancing

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The Art of Freelancing by Noah Bradley

4 ratings
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